Bits Per Pixel

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Розробник: Jürgen Kaiser

Bits Per Pixel helps you to calculate the correct bitrate for your video.

BPP is also included in the all-in-one video calculator ‘VidBitCalc, which is also available on the app store (

Enter values for Width, Height, Frames per Second and Video Bitrate to calculate the Bits per Pixel value,
or enter values for Width, Height, Frames per Second and Bits per Pixel to calculate the bitrate.

Video with high motion demands a higher bits per pixel value than low motion video so use the slider to adjust the bitrate accordingly.

* For web video encoded with modern codecs like h.264 or VP6, a bits per pixel value around 0.1 should result in a fair quality.
* For DVD-Video or Blu-ray, bits per pixel values above 0.4 are quite common.